what's in a grooming kit?

Grooming is a great way to connect with you pony. Here is a list of the essential grooming tools that you will need…

Body Brush: A soft brush, used on the delicate areas of the horse. Tip: It is great for brushing the horses tail.

Dandy Brush: This brush is for removing thick mud but be careful, it cannot be used on the delicate parts of the horse.

Hoof Brush: Great for painting your horses hooves.

Hoof Pick: Use this for cleaning your ponies hooves. 

Plastic Curry Comb: Used for the horses mane and great for plaiting!

Rubber Curry Comb: Use this in a circular motion to remove loose hair and mud. Not suitable for delicate areas!

Plastic Curry Combs: A brush for combing the mane. 

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Safety Tip: Make sure you ask an adult for help when grooming your pony!

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