Horse riding on the beach? Here is how, where & why you should go!

Horse riding on the beach

Coastal Escapes: Horse riding on the beach

Discover the thrill of horse riding along the picturesque beaches of England’s coastline. This article takes you on a journey to some of the best beach destinations for equestrian enthusiasts, where the sound of waves accompanies your gallop and the beauty of the sea unfolds before you.

Preparing for Your Coastal Horse Riding Adventure

Prior to horse riding on the beach, ensure your adventure is both safe and enjoyable….

Check the specific dates and times when horse riding is permitted, as regulations can vary. Be aware of tidal times, opting for low tide periods to maximise riding space. Plan your transport and parking, considering designated areas and potential fees. As you ride, respect other beachgoers and the environment by sticking to allocated riding zones. Stay vigilant about changing tides to avoid unexpected challenges. By adhering to these considerations, you’ll create cherished memories while preserving the natural beauty of these coastal havens.

1. West Witterings, West Sussex

West Witterings in West Sussex offers horse riders an exceptional blend of sandy stretches and stunning coastal scenery. The pristine blue waters of the English Channel provide an idyllic backdrop for a relaxing ride along the beach. Experience the sheer joy of equestrian exploration against the backdrop of this charming coastal gem

Horse riding on the beach

2. Studland Bay, Dorset

Nestled along the Jurassic Coast, Studland Bay boasts expansive sandy shores that are perfect for beach horse riding. The golden sands and clear waters provide an idyllic backdrop for your equestrian adventure. With stunning views of Old Harry Rocks and the Isle of Purbeck, this destination offers a blend of natural beauty and history.

3. Holkham Beach, Norfolk

Holkham Beach, with its sweeping sands and pine woodlands, provides an enchanting setting for horse riding. Part of a nature reserve, this beach offers miles of unspoiled coastline for riders to explore. The vast open space and diverse terrain make it an ideal spot for riders of all skill levels.

4. Perranporth Beach, Cornwall

Cornwall’s Perranporth Beach is a paradise for horse riders. The long stretches of sandy shoreline provide ample space for exhilarating gallops. With the iconic Chapel Rock as a backdrop, riders can experience the thrill of the sea breeze and the thrill of the open beach.

Horse riding on the beach
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5. Redcar Beach, North Yorkshire

For those exploring the North Yorkshire coast, Redcar Beach offers a unique horse riding experience. The long sandy beach provides a tranquil escape, and the chance to ride along the water’s edge is a highlight for many riders. Enjoy the view of the North Sea and the charm of this coastal gem.

6. Rhossili Bay, Swansea

Wales boasts its own share of incredible beach riding spots, and Rhossili Bay in Swansea is a prime example. The bay’s wide, sandy expanse stretches beneath the dramatic cliffs of the Gower Peninsula. Riders can soak in the breathtaking views as they traverse the sands along this iconic coastline.

7. Camber Sands, East Sussex

Camber Sands is a popular destination for horse riding enthusiasts in the Southeast. The vast dune-backed beach offers a unique riding experience, with the chance to explore not only the shoreline but also the rolling dunes that border it. The sense of freedom and adventure here is unparalleled.

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8. Hayling Island Beach, Hampshire

Hayling Island Beach, located off the south coast of England, is a haven for horse riders seeking coastal beauty. With its wide sandy shores and gentle waves, it’s an ideal place for beach riding. The soothing rhythm of the sea accompanies your ride, creating a perfect harmony of nature and equestrian adventure.

9. Formby Beach, Merseyside

Formby Beach is a hidden gem located just north of Liverpool. This stunning stretch of coastline features sand dunes, pinewoods, and captivating views of the Irish Sea. Horse riders can enjoy both the open sands and the shaded trails, making it a versatile destination for a variety of riding experiences.

Horse riding on the beach

Embarking on horse riding on the beach is an opportunity to connect with nature, experience the thrill of riding, and create cherished memories. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a beginner, the diverse beaches along the coastline offer something for everyone.  So saddle up and explore the beauty of England’s coastal horizons on horseback!

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